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Are you looking to get your vaccine? Travellers Medical Service is your full service vaccination clinic and making a vaccine appointment is easy with us through our website. Getting a vaccine shot doesn’t have to be difficult when you choose our highly trained staff of physicians. We are here to help you with vaccines and immunisation of any kind in a comfortable and safe environment.

Once you have made your vaccination appointment below you will find our service to be efficient and fast. We pride ourselves on providing the best vaccine immunisation service that Australia has on offer and you will see that when you meet our doctors. Brisbane CBD residents trust in us for all of their immunisation needs and when it comes to vaccine cost, we guarantee the lowest price.

The easiest way to make vaccine appointment online is to use HotDoc. Please choose below the type of appointment that you need. If you know what COVID-19 Vaccinations you need  please choose below. If you are unsure or need to schedule an appointment for Yellow Fever or something other than COVID-19, Dr Skala is the best option to choose.

Please read before making an Online Booking!

If you show any symptoms, a sore throat, cough or heavy breathing, or have been living or knowingly  have been in contact with someone that has, please ensure to contact us by phone Before! booking an appointment online, be sure to wear a mask and follow sanitisation procedures.


We understand that things change and we do our best to accommodate cancellations, however,  failure to provide 2 hours notice on cancellations will incur a $40 fee.

Use the links above to book an appointment directly at our clinic and put your immunisation worries in the past. We offer multiple entry points to get your immunization underway!

Unsure if you need to be vaccinated to travel?

Complete health protection for travellers going overseas, either for holidays or business, including pre- and post- travel medicals. Schedule an Appointment with the links above

Vaccination Appointment Brisbane Travel Clinic

How do you know if you need to get a vaccine?

It is important to know what vaccines you need to get before travelling overseas. We want you to be safe and healthy and if you need to get a vaccination, we’re here to help you. All you need to do is schedule your vaccination appointment online with our easy to use booking system. It’s quick, easy and it’s secure – ​​you can schedule a vaccine appointment with us in just a few clicks.

If you are looking to get a vaccine, Travellers Medical Service is the best place to go. We have been providing expert care for your vaccination needs for over 30 years with knowledgeable staff. We have a team of qualified doctors and nurses with years of experience so you can be confident in the care you’ll receive.


Easy Vaccine Appointment Booking through Travellers Medical

Our expert staff is here to make sure that you have no troubles in booking your vaccine appointment. It’s important to us that you feel comfortable throughout the process of receiving your immunization, from booking the appointment through to receiving your vaccines and immunisation – Travellers Medical Service will be there. If you have been finding it difficult to find a vaccine appointment, then you have found the right place to take that problem off your mind. Use the links above to book an appointment directly at our clinic and put your immunisation worries in the past. We offer multiple entry points to get your immunization underway!

Travellers Medical Service makes it easy for you to find a vaccine appointment, even if you need to get one on short notice, such as before you travel overseas. We can make sure you get your vaccinations in time so you don’t have to worry. 

Our full service vaccination clinic is open 7 days a week for your convenience.

Travellers Medical Service is a one-stop shop for all your health and travel needs.

We offer vaccines for COVID-19 (Pfizer or AstraZeneca), Influenza, Yellow Fever, Rabies, Japanese B Encephalitis and Q Fever.


Find a Vaccine Appointment - Doctors Brisbane CBD

Travellers Medical Service makes it easy to find a vaccine appointment. Even if you need to get a vaccination on short notice, we can usually ensure an available time for your immunization. Starting a new job? or need to take an urgent unplanned trip but need to get your vaccine in order to travel? We have physicians on-site that will make the whole procedure relatively stress free while getting your immunization. Our medical staff are up to date with the latest information about your vaccinations and you can book your vaccine appointment online now. Should you require assistance however, please ring the clinic on 07 3211 3611 and we will be happy to assist.


Immunisation for your Holiday

In the current situation and the foreseeable future, you will be required to get your vaccine records up to date in order to travel, even within Australia. So if you have plans to travel it’s best to get your vaccines and immunisation status into the clear long before your planned dates. Booking an appointment to get your vaccinations should be incorporated into your travel plans, as many of them often require multiple visits over a number of weeks or months in order to be effective. Once you have everything in order with your immunisation, we will provide you with all necessary documents to prove that you are safe to go on your holiday. We can also provide you with the vaccine price, so there will be no surprises on the day.